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What a good book! Was totally surprised at who did it. Loved reading about local places (names changed in some instances).

Dee R.

Arn's journey is full of the fascinating and unexpected. His amateur detective adventures are truly something you'll get totally lost in...

Debbie M.

Your book is fantastic! First of I love the sueded cover, it feels delicious. I like that chapter 16 is just a paragraph, the rant about subdivisions in ch 23, and how my reading quickened with the suspense in ch 28. And chapter 18 Rrrrrrrrrr, hot. I love how there’re are little poetic moments too.

Kim T.

I like to read first novels and this is a very good one.

The main character was a bit traditional at first

but then took on more dimension and I would like to see

him getting in and out of trouble again. The storyline kept me interested and the plot twist was done well.

Arn dealt with very realistic moral issues that were not

white-washed by the author and I appreciated that.
Good job, Kevin C Gardner!

Carol P.

Lost and Found is a triumphant first novel. Kevin Gardner is a

gifted writer who knows how to entertain his readers.

It is very well written and the words on every page

flow effortlessly. Arn Maxwell is a protagonist who everyone

can related to and embrace. He would once again be a

welcome character in any future novel by Mr. Gardner!

Bruce R. 

Margaret D.

Loved this book. Intriguing twists and turns. Just what I like!

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